ADM secures and simplifies property Law firm’s IT systems

Graham Smith Property Lawyers is a prominent law firm specialising in property and conveyancing. Its existing IT infrastructure hindered productivity and posed significant security risks due to outdated mail servers and hardware that had not been properly maintained by its previous Managed Service Provider.


Graham Smith Property Lawyers struggled with several critical IT issues. During ADM’s extensive onboarding process, several critical issues were identified.

No centralised identity and access management

All corporate users and devices operated independently, with no central orchestration. This lack of unified management produced several security vulnerabilities and administrative inefficiencies.

Old, insecure POP3 mail service

The firm used an outdated and insecure POP3 mail service, which was unreliable and posed security risks, lacking the most recent security patches.

No centralised file storage

Files were shared from individual user computers, leading to data fragmentation, version control issues, and security risks.

Over-utilised and over-priced Virtual Desktop solution

The existing virtual desktop infrastructure was expensive and overutilised, impacting both performance and cost-effectiveness.

Additional critical issues

ADM also discovered outdated server hardware, unpatched software vulnerabilities, and a lack of a coherent backup strategy. These issues compounded the firm’s existing challenges, making the IT environment even more precarious.

What our customer says

“ADM took away the stress we were feeling across the business. Now, we’re completely confident in our systems and how secure they are. Their staff are so ‘user-friendly’ too – they help no matter how large or small the problem is and have always been approachable. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.”

Julie Close, Compliance Manager, Graham Smith Property Lawyers


After understanding the business’ workflows, further needs and timescale, ADM developed and executed a comprehensive IT transformation plan, to secure the entire IT stack.

Implementation of Entra ID for identity and access management

Entra ID was deployed to centralise identity and access management, including security policies for users and devices, to deliver secure access and management.

Migration to Office 365 Exchange

The POP3 mail service was replaced with Office 365 Exchange to provide a more secure, reliable, and feature-rich email solution, improving communication and collaboration.

Consolidation and Migration to SharePoint Online

All files were consolidated and migrated into SharePoint Online, establishing secure access for sensitive directories to ensure data security and compliance.

Transition to Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

The high-cost, private cloud-hosted virtual desktop was replaced with Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop for a more scalable, cost-effective, and efficient Virtual Desktop environment.

Resolution of Onboarding Critical Issues

The team upgraded server hardware, applied necessary software patches, and implemented a comprehensive backup strategy to mitigate the additional risks uncovered and further stabilise the firm’s IT environment.


The transformation led to significant improvements across Graham Smith Property Lawyers’ IT infrastructure and operations.

Enhanced security and compliance

Centralised identity management with Entra ID and secure email via Office 365 significantly improved security, while secure access controls within SharePoint Online ensured the firm’s compliance with data protection regulations.

Improved operational efficiency

Centralised file storage and management have streamlined workflows and reduced data fragmentation, as well as enhanced communication and productivity.

Cost Savings and Scalability

Migrating to Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop reduced costs significantly, simultaneously delivering better scalability to accommodate future growth.

User satisfaction and productivity

Improved system reliability and performance have enhanced the employee experience, reducing admin time and enabling staff to focus more on strategic tasks.

Stabilised IT environment

Resolving critical issues identified during onboarding has stabilised the IT environment, while proactive maintenance and robust backup strategies ensure long-term reliability and data protection.


ADM Computing’s strategic IT overhaul for Graham Smith Property Lawyers exemplifies how modern MSP solutions can transform business operations. By addressing key challenges and implementing advanced technologies, ADM Computing enhanced the firm’s security, efficiency, and scalability, setting a solid foundation for future growth and success.

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