We offer Proactive Monitoring of Servers & PC’s to ensure that any critical issues that happen behind the scenes are alerted and resolved with minimal impact.

We offer Office 365 licensing and management for SMB to Enterprises.

We can help you in developing a Technology Roadmap to ensure that your business always has the most up to date solutions, ensuring that you have the competitive edge.

We provide SIP Trunks as an alternative to ISDN, SIP Trunks are significantly cheaper and easier to manage than ISDN and work seamlessly with our fully managed VoIP phone systems.

We provide all the hardware needed for a VoIP phone system including Handsets, PC/Server Hosts, SBC’s, Switches, Routers and more!

Our phone systems have an Android/iOS client so you can take and make calls on the go. Our system also supports STUN for any remote workers wanting to use a ‘desk phone’ from home.

We offer Broadband & Leased lines by working closely with Tier 1 operators such as BT Business & Virgin Media Business so we can offer you leased lines for the best prices on the market.

We offer Microsoft Azure along with all of its features to our customers from Mobile Device Management to Encrypted Emails and much more.

We offer fully encrypted local and cloud backup functionality for Servers & Workstations and Disaster Recovery testing. Our partners have the fastest server recovery response time in the Industry.

In 2018, 92.4% of Malware has been delivered by email. We offer some advanced spam filtering and sandbox protection to mitigate this.

We can supply and maintain Managed Firewalls to ensure the perimeter of your network is safe, ensuring that all traffic in and out of the network is categorized and filtered.

We can encrypt your PC’s and Laptops to ensure that even if they are lost/stolen that the data on them is protected from being read or interpreted.

We provide Secure Wi-Fi to ensure to that any persons using your wireless infrastructure are protected using secure, industry leading wireless access points.