Securing the Cloud for your Organization

As more businesses are moving to the cloud, the businesses that are doing so without taking appropriate precautions are taking a huge risk. As standard, any user can attempt to log into Office 365’s cloud services with only an email address and a password without the owner of the mailbox even knowing that somebody else has accessed their account.

This is a disaster waiting to happen for many organizations and can put businesses off the idea of migrating to the cloud.

How to mitigate the risk

One of the most effective methods of securing your organization using the cloud is to use Multi-Factor Authentication, This is a 2-step process that proves highly effective as a second layer of protection for your business. Each time a user succesfully enters their password, they will then be prompted on their mobile device with a 6 digit code to also be entered in order to grant the user access to their portal. You can also use Push notifications (to iOS and Android phones) as well as have Microsoft’s automated system call your mobile or landline number to provide this code.

Conditional access is also part of the implementation process to allow users to log in without a second layer of protection when inside the organization’s secure network.

How do I get Multi-Factor Authentication configured for my Organization?

Whilst Multi-Factor authentication does come included in some Office 365 plans, its best to speak to us first to get an insight into the standard deployment procedures into MFA as there are some pitfalls that are likely to cause downtime, loss of access to mailboxes and redundancy measure that need to be taken (such as if a user loses their phone, forgets their password etc.) that we can help you with. We also have engineers certified in Office 365 that are able to implement these solutions to ensure that your organization is as secure as it can be.

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