Phishing attacks are prolific at the minute.

A phishing attack can happen to anyone at any time, and can be hard to spot. From the largest to the smallest of businesses.

Simple steps to check if an email is genuine:

Does the email address match the senders name?

If not, don’t engage!

Are there typos, broken English or bad grammar?

These are all common in phishing attacks.

Are images low-quality?

This is another common identifier of phishing emails.

How do I stop my business from being targeted by cyber criminals?

Sadly, you can’t stop this, the reality is criminals target all businesses. We can mitigate the risk by implementing specific email security software that uses intelligent AI. It looks for tell-tale signs and intercepts threats before it hits your inbox, therefore de-risking your users.

We use the latest, industry leading software to do this, and all for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a month per user.

We are waiving the setup costs, so get in touch for a quote!